Key Optical Europe is a Franco-Italian company, which evolves in the field of optics since 1998. It is in Florence Tuscany that Sabrina Rege Turo, young entrepreneur with international training, wanted to share a know-how inherited for several generations.

A tradition that began in France in 1924 with Gustave Rege-Turo. From an Italian father, he opened a workshop for horn frames, a material used at the time, and made entirely by hand. A know-how that has been passed down over 4 generations and from which Sabrina was able to draw inspiration throughout her childhood. Her father, Robert Claude Rege-Turo, passed on the knowledge and love for this profession to her.

Key Optical Europe is the culmination; over 95 years in the world of optics.


KOE was designed with the idea to satisfy large chains in search for “private label” products suited to their image, combining quality and creativity at competitive prices. This collaboration with large European chains such as Optic2000 (1,250 stores in France and Switzerland), Atol (800 stores in France), Mioptico (500 subsidiaries in Spain and Portugal,) has been consolidated over the years.

In parallel KOE has developed collections of renowned brands and lines under its own name.

All phases of design and product development take place in Italy, at Scarperia’s offices in Tuscany. The frames are then manufactured in the heart of the most efficient manufacturing basins such as the French Jura and the Cadore region in Italy or the major manufacturing centers of Shenzhen and Wenzhou in China.

In recent years, through a partnership, KOE has further developed its production control by acquiring its own production unit, KOA Key Optical Asia. The manufacturing unit allows KOE to ensure the quality of its products as well as production processes, optimize service as well as costs.


Key Optical Europe’s offices are located in the Tuscan countryside, 30km from Florence. This is where the life cycle of each of our collections begins. Imagined, drawn and conceived within the company by designers under the watchful eye of Sabrina Rege-Turo. Then, each frame is checked one by one thanks to a very specialized quality department before putting it in stock for sale.

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The constant search for excellence has led us to pay the greatest attention to the quality of the product and to the management of our activities.

Key Optical Europe has thus obtained certifications for quality management (ISO 9001: 2015), safety (ISO 45001: 2018) and environment (ISO 14001: 2015).

In this logic, we are committed to choosing partners and collaborators who guarantee the same quality standards.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001


To support creative and operational activity, Key Optical Europe set up in 2016 an optical store with its own laboratory managed by expert opticians and optometrists.